No Type Item
1 Archive X-Men movie trailer
2 Archive Budweiser – ‘wassup’
3 Track Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out
4 Track Tom Jones & Stereophonics – Mama Told Me Not To Come
5 Voiced Newsclip Millennium Dome New Year’s Eve party fiasco
6 Archive Millennium Experience exhibition
7 Track Chicane Ft Bryan Adams – Don’t Give Up
8 Voiced Newsclip Dome boss sacked
9 Archive Millennium Dome – financial problems
10 Track Element Four – Big Brother TV Theme
11 Archive Big Brother actuality – Nasty Nick rumbled
12 Archive Big Brother report
13 Archive Big Brother – Craig wins – report
14 Track Eminem – The Real Slim Shady
15 Archive Chelsea win last FA Cup at Wembley
16 Track Craig David – Fill Me In
17 Archive BBC to launch digital stations
18 Archive Chris Evans sells Ginger Productions
19 Track Jamelia Ft Beanie Man – Money
20 Archive Erin Brockovich
21 Track S Club 7 – Reach
22 Archive Asylum seekers suffocate in lorry
23 Track Moby – Porcelain
24 Archive Paula Yates dead
25 Voiced Newsclip Paul Yates post-mortem
26 Archive Hatfield rail crash – reports & witnesses
27 Track Darude – Sandstorm
28 Archive Concorde crash near Paris – report
29 Archive Radio 2 jingle
30 Archive London Mayor – Punt & Dennis sketch
31 Track Britney Spears – Ooops I Did It Again
32 Archive London Mayor – Ken Livingstone elected
33 Track Ronan Keating – Life Is A Rollercoaster
34 Archive Tony Blair – son Euan found drunk – report by Nick Robinson
35 Track Coldplay – Yellow
36 Archive Tony Blair on parenting – report
37 Archive Tony Blair – son Leo born
38 Archive Venus Williams wins Wimbledon
39 Track Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby
40 Archive Virgin Megastore v record companies
41 Track Madonna – Music
42 Archive Napster challenged, Radiohead’s new album
43 Track Radiohead – Optimistic
44 Track Fragma – Toca’s Miracle
45 Archive Olympics – Cathy Freeman wins gold
46 Archive Olympics – Denise Lewis wins gold
47 Archive Olympics – Redgrave wins 5th gold medal
48 Archive Gladiator
49 Track Eminem – Stan
50 Archive Sarah Payne murdered, Roy Whiting arrested – report
51 Voiced Newsclip Sign Here for Sarah (News of The World)
52 Archive paedophiles attacked by vigilantes
53 Track Travis – Coming Around
54 Voiced Newsclip oil prices soar
55 Archive Fuel crisis, petrol station blockades
56 Archive Weakest Link (BBC1) excpt
57 Track Bob The Builder – Can We Fix It
58 Track Spiller Ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet
59 Archive last game at Wembley – England v Germany
60 Archive Kevin Keegan resigns
61 Track Kylie Minogue – Spinning Around
62 Archive Sven-Goran Eriksson appointed England coach
63 Archive Russia – President Putin elected
64 Track Leann Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight
65 Track Madonna – American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Mix)
66 Archive US Election campaign – Bush v Gore – report
67 Voiced Newsclip US Election result – controversy in Florida
68 Archive US Election result in doubt
69 Archive US Election – Gore concedes, Bush wins
70 Track U2 – Beautiful Day
71 Track Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring
72 Archive Manu treble – commentary
73 Archive Clinton on the Lewinsky scandal “I did not have sexual relations”
74 Archive Teletubbies, “uh-oh”
75 Archive Spice Girls – Blah blah blah, girl power
76 Archive Blair on Princess Diana death, “People’s Princess”
77 Archive Tony Blair elected PM
78 Archive Jarvis on Michael Jackson at the Brits
79 Archive Major speaks, “Back to Basics”
80 Archive Neil Kinnock At Labour Rally, “Well Alright”
81 Archive Queen speaks, “Annus Horibilis”
82 Archive Aggers and Johnners TMS “Legover”
83 Archive Gulf War various clips
84 Archive John McCarthy released
85 Archive “Sock it to em Maggie”
86 Archive Mandela released
87 Archive Italia 90, Hoddle balloons it over the net
88 Archive Berlin Wall Falls
89 Archive Tianamen Square report
90 Archive Lockerbie bombing report
91 Archive Harry Enfield – Loadsamoney
92 Archive Hurricane hits Britain: Michael Fish dismisses concerns
93 Archive Reagan to Gorbachev: Tear Down This Wall (Berlin Wall)
94 Archive US Lesbian and Gay Rally – “say it loud gay and proud”
95 Archive Chernobyl first reports
96 Archive Ian Paisley, “Never Never Never”
97 Archive Geldof on Live Aid, “give us your money”
98 Archive Ethiopa – Michael Buerk report
99 Archive Miners strike – Orgreave actuality / Scargill gets arrested
100 Archive Thatcher on Greenham women
101 Archive Michael Jackson – Thriller video intro
102 Archive Falklands – Brian Hanrahan, “I counted them out”
103 Archive Brixton Riots actuality
104 Archive Charles and Diana Royal wedding, “I take thee..”
105 Archive McEnroe “you cannot be serious”
106 Archive John Lennon shot
107 Archive Olympics: Coe gets gold / Ovett bronze
108 Archive Iranian Embassy siege
109 Archive President Carter, “the 1980s have been born..”
110 Archive Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
111 Archive Life of Brian, “he’s not the messiah..”
112 Archive Johhny Rotten, “I’ve created a monster”
113 Archive Thatcher, “..the Iron Lady of the Western World”
114 Archive Two Ronnies, “Fork Handles”
115 Archive The Good Life
116 Archive John Peel on the Clash
117 Archive Nixon resigns
118 Archive Capital Radio launches
119 Archive Red Rum wins the Derby
120 Archive Terrorists attack the Munich Olympics
121 Archive Kent State massacre, mother speaks
122 Archive Isle of Wight vox pop: Pot-smoker
123 Archive Neil Armstrong, “one small step for man..”
124 Archive Woodstock, “far out, far around!”
125 Archive Senator Kennedy has been shot
126 Archive Wilson, “the Pound in your pocket”
127 Archive Opening of R1
128 Archive Radio London closes
129 Archive LSD report
130 Archive England win 1966 world cup, “they think it’s all over”
131 Archive LBJ on Vietnam,  “this really is war”
132 Archive Teenager on what makes a good party, “sausages on sticks”
133 Archive Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) raps
134 Archive Mods vs Rockers – “poo mods”
135 Archive Radio Caroline jingle
136 Archive Beatlemania screams
137 Archive Beatles introduce themselves
138 Archive Lee Harvey Oswald Shot
139 Archive JFK shot
140 Archive Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream”
141 Archive Keynsham
142 Archive JFK – “ask not..”
143 Archive Tommy Steele, “always stay true to the name teenager”
144 Archive Panorama’s April Fools Hoax – the Spaghetti Harvest
145 Archive Any Questions: “Jiving, What a Thing to Do”
146 Archive Rock Around the Clock intro
147 Archive Elvis speaks
148 Archive Nation tunes in to magic tube in the living room (TV)
149 Archive Roger Bannister breaks the Four-Minute Mile
150 Archive Everest heroes return: Hillary and Norgay
151 Archive Queen’s Coronation statement read out
152 Archive Death of the King announced
153 Archive Winston Churchill speaks
154 Archive Al Read, “I thought Right Monkey”
155 Archive Festival of Britain – opened by the King
156 Archive BBC Light programme Ident
157 Archive first six drum beats from intro